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Trekking trips in Bhutan

Bhutan as being Himalayan kingdom offers great scope for trekking. Green and quiet valleys/dense forests, hills, mountains and high altitude pastures/passes and magnificent towering snow peaks make this country a paradise for trekkers. The trekking trails are unspoiled and wilderness still pristine in its beauty ranging from 3 to 23 days. Mainly northern and sub tropical parts are attractive zone for trekking.

Popular Trekking trails in Bhutan

Chomolhari Trek in Bhutan

Chomolhari-the abode of the goddess Chomo, is one of the most beautiful and imposing mountains in the entire Himalyan region located at the northwestern border with Tibet , the trek to the base camp of this dome shaped mountain provides an opportunity to experience the panoramic views of some of the world's highest peaks.

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Druk Path Trek in BHutan

A popular short trek in Bhutan which goes through high altitude and is moderately strenuous. The trek starts from Thimphu and ends in Paro, passing through some beautiful high Altitude lakes about 3800m. It is not only a trek in the land of Dragon but also a cultural experience in Bhutan as it involves couple of day tours.

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Dagala Thousand Lake Trek

Trekking to a large number of beautiful high altitude lakes just above the Thimpu. This 5-day trek is easy and most trekking days are short but there are some long steep climbs. It starts from Semtokha in Thimphu and ends at Genekha and the highest point is 4300m.

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Snowman trek in Bhutan

Probably recognizes this trek as the toughest trek in the world because of its altitude, distance, climate and remoteness. At the same time, the Lunana region of Bhutan is one of the most beautiful areas of the world and the least visited. Though many do not finish the entire trek, we have a solution that will help anyone complete the entire distance in 18 days.

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Laya/Lingshi Trek

This trek is also very popular in Bhutan offering diverse flora and fauna, including a good opportunity to spot Blue sheep, Takins and the Blue poppy (Bhutan’s National flower). It gives well introduces you to the unusual culture of the layap people and offers a stop at a natural hot spring in Gasa. The trek is moderately strenuous and goes upto 4270 Meter.

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