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Trekking in Eastern Region of Nepal


Not many trekking options into this region as it covers only few trekking destination. The main trekking routes are Makalu Base Camp, Kanchenjunga and Arun Valley, Rolwaling. The eastern region with variety of culture, the enormity of kanchenjunga and a trek over high passes to makalu, the mountain called the throne of the gods. From Makalu and the Arun valley to the tea estates of Ilam and the border with Sikkim, the lush, densely forested hills of eastern Nepal are mysterious, complex and thoroughly alluring. Visiting middle Hill villages inhabited by rai, Limbu and sherpa people whose traditions are rooted in ancient animistic practices. Close up views of kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain and one of the largest mountain masses on earth. The region has covered over 4 trekking destination and treks here tend to be expensive, since you and the gear must travel by bus or plan to eastern Nepal and trekking are fully organized. The treks here also require two weeks to travel from most trailheads to the high mountains. A trek to this region explores a mix culture, high altitude/passes, glaciers, glacial lakes, close up mountain views and rivers valleys. The main trekking routes and other facts fro trekking to this region are given here


To trek to this region also no requires a trekking permit except Kanchenjunga area but need a conservation and Makalu Barun National Park entry permit fee.


Access for trekking to the Eastern region can be made by road or air. By road, the only practical roads ahead at this time are Basantpur or Hile a twenty hrs bus ride from the kathmandu. Now are all by local bus as there is no tourist bus service available. Private cars and taxis could be used and would reduce the traveling time considerably but obviously at extra cost. By air there are three options, the most convenient for trekking to this region is Tumlingtar and other airport are Biratnagar and Taplejung.


The main ethnic group in the part of this region Rai, Limbu and Sherpa. Their religion practices, language and dress are likely to those of middle hills inhabited people and some similar to highland people like Sherpa and some like Chettri. There are some other casts as well like Chhettri, Brahman in the lower part of the region.


The flora and fauna to be seen are from bamboo to lush forest and chirr, pine, rhododendrons, larch and some wildflowers like gentians, primroses, epiphytic orchids etc. The birds commonly seen here are owls, barbets, cuckoos, hoopoe, laughing thrushes, nightjars, sibias, billed etc and the wildlife langrus, pikas, snow leopard, mountain goats, deer etc.


All the trekking routes require fully organize camping style trek because there are no or little teahouse facility on the trail for the trekkers. So a trekking to this region certainly requires the use of camping, necessary trekking staff and equipment.


The peak season for trekking to this region are autumn (Sep-Nov) and spring (March-May are obviously the most popular. At these times the weather is mild and generally dry, making the walking conditions good. The spring season is good for wild flowers, particularly the rhododendrons, while the autumn season generally gives the best mountain views, as the air at this time is crystal clear.

Trekking Trips in Eastern Region

Arun Valley Trek

The Arun valley trek goes between Sagarmatha and Makal-Barun National Parks providing really superior views of both Mt Everest and Mt Makalu. The trek starts either from Hile or Tumlingtar and approach to the Khumbu region along the Arun River and its valley. The Arun valley trek offers the best combined of natures, river, valley, traditional life-style, amazing landscape and supper mountain views.

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Rolwaling Trek

Rolwaling trek offers an adventure walking along the high glacier Chho Rolpa lakes and Tashilaptsa pass. The trek goes close to the Tibetan frontier with an enormous rock precipice from a narrow defile in the wall appearing as if spilt with a giant. This is the most remote and beautiful trekking trail providing magnificent mountain scenery in the middle-east hill region in Nepal.

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Makalu Base Camp Trekking

Trekking to Makalu Base Camp the world's fifth highest mountain located in the Makalu-Barun National Park and Conservation area is through outstanding natural beauty, unspoiled trails which is recommended for the experience trekkers. Makalu lies between Mt. Everest and Mt Kanchenjunga in the eastern part of Nepal. Very few tourist trek to the Makalu Base Camp because of it’s inaccessibility and remoteness.

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Kanchenjunga Trek

Kanchenjunga "Treasures of Snow" (28,198ft) is the third highest mountain in the world. This high endurance trek starts with a pleasant drive to Basantpur all the way to mountain masses. It is one of the most remote but most beautiful and least trekked areas in the Nepal Himalayan. The trek fist follows up Tamur valley along one of the oldest trade routes in the Himalayan through sherp villages

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