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Essential Information for trekking trip in Nepal

Trekking Style

The world "teahouse" means hotel. Since the word hotel has, it provides accommodation and foods. Thus, in the hills of Nepal a "hotel" has food & place to sleep. Many innkeepers specify the services they provide by calling their establishments "Hotel or Lodge".

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Trekking Grades

As we have a huge range of trips, with something for everybody who wants to experience Nepal, we have rated all the trips to assist you in deciding which trip is right for you with an idea of how much physical effort you can expect on the trip.

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Trekking Preparation

For trekking to the Himalaya you do not need to be a super athlete nor a mountaineer but a few weeks of training, prior to arriving in Nepal, will enhance your experience. Actually it will not be more enjoyable spending the trip if struggling to walk the trails every day whereas a little sensible preparation before you arrive would make the trails so much more rewarding.

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Equipment check list for trekking

Please check out the necessary equipment and tools for better and secure trekking experience in Nepal.

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