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Gurella trail - Baglung - Dhorpatan - Rukum trek in Nepal

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Nepal experienced the 10 years civil wars from 1996-2006 which disrupted the whole country. The area of conflict concentrated mostly in Western Nepal, which cover Rukum, Myagdi, Rolpa and other surrounding districts. After the peace came and development enters the area, foreigners were kin to visit and see this region. To walkthrough and experience it the “Gerilla Trek.” is introduced to the foreigners.

Guerilla trek is developed in order to help and improve the people welfare in this region, due to the effects of the war that displaced so many people. During the war this area was declared autonomous by the Maoist guerilla. It was the battlefield against the Nepal government. The terrain consisting many uphill which make it difficult for the government army to track the Maoist guerilla. The geographical landscape of Western Nepal is quiet interesting for the more adventurous trekkers and people who are interested with the history of the Maoist guerilla movement in Nepal.

This trek started from Dharabang and end at  Syarpu Lake. Along this way, we can see West Dhaulagiri range as well as from the Jaljala Pass (3414 M), we can even see Dhaulagiri I (8172 M)and West Annapurna range. After this pass we will enter the Dhorpathan Hunting Reserve, which belong to three district: Rukum, Myagdi and Baglung.

Dhorpathan is located in a valley, where you can see grazing areas for horses and other natural wildlife. The Uttar Gangga river flow through this valley, there is also a sacred water taps called Bahis Dhara (22 water taps) believed to be the source of the Gangga river by the local people. You will need to cross the river to reach here.

The next pass after Dhorpathan is the Fagune Pass (3915 M). From this pass we can see Putha (7246 M), Churen (7371 M), Gurga (7193 M), Dhogari (7193 M)  Doghari Gurga  which is known as the West Dhaulagiri range.

After Fagune Pass, we will reach Maikot. A village located on top of the ancient fort of the Magar clan. These particular village have certain richness of the Magar culture which distinct them among the many ethnic of these region.

The last pass is Punam Chautara (2675 M), where we can see West Dhaulagiri and Sisne Mountain, in which mark the beautiful landscape of the Rukum valley.

From Syarpu Lake, you can walk downhill to Lochabang where you can take the bus to Solabang, then change bus to Kathmandu. Bed and breakfast is available in the local homestay. This area is developing their organic farming and sustainable food in the future.

Day 01: Kathmandu to Pokhara (830m), 6 Hour by drive

Day 02: Pokhara to Beni –Darbang (1070/1675m), 7 hour by drive

Day 03: Dharbang to Sibang (1680m), 5 hour

Day 04: Sibang to Lumsang /Lulung (2100m/2116m), 5 hour

Day 05: Lumsang to *Jaljala Pass (3414m), 5:30 hour

Day 06: Jaljala to Chhentung (2834m), 6 hour

Day 07: Chuntung to *Phalgune pass/Thankur (3889/3175m), 6/8:30 hour

Day 08: Phalgune /Thankur to Kheyem / Pelma (3000/2425m), 6/6:30 hour

Day 09: Khayam/Pelma to Yamakher /Maikot (2750m/2300m), 5 /6 hour

Day 10: Yamkher (Maikot Rest) to Maikot (2269m), 5:30 hour

Day 11: Maikot to Ranma (2350m), 6 hour

Day 12: Ranma to Gunma /Archal Gaun (1875m), 6 hour

Day 13: Gunma /Archalgaun to Punamchautra (2283m), 6 hour

Day 14: Punam Chautra (*pass) to Sisne chargaun (1730m), 7 hour

Day 15: Sisne chargaun to (Rukumkot) or /Pokhara or Chipkhola (1515/1170/1750m), 6/7/5 hour

#Note: If we don’t go Chipkhola we can arrived Rukum Pokhara from Sisne Chargun Or We can finish our trip Rukum Kot also and will take 2 more day by bus to arrive Kathmandu by bus to Ktm (Day 16&17)

Day 16: Chipkhola to Pokhara (1170m), 4 hour

Day 17: Pokhara to Syarpu Lake (1305m), 6:30hour

Day 18: Syarpu (Rest half day) to Lochabang (organic village/ 900m) /Chinkhat (bus park/850m), 2hour

Day 19: Lochabang organic Village /Chinkhet (Bus Park)    to Dang/Baglung, on the way, 8 /9hour By drive

Day 20: Dang/Baglung to Kathmandu, 8/8:30 hour

Trip Cost: USD 1870 per person

Trip cost includes

  • Arrival/departure transfers
  • Local house accommodations and all meals, down jacket, sleeping bag
  • Cost for a first Aid and Eco trained English speaking guide and Porter
  • Emergency rescue arrangements, medical kit bag
  • All necessary paper works and trekking /entry permits
  • All government and local taxes where applicable.
  • Welcome or farewell dinner

Trip cost does not include

  • Hotel/food in Kathmandu
  • Emergency rescue and medical expenses
  • Personal expenses e.g. phone calls, laundry, bar bills personal porters
  • Tips for the trekking crew
  • Other optional trips/activities and sightseeing if required

Trip Fact

Grade: Medium

Max alt: 3900m.

Min alt: 1000m.

Walking hrs: 5-7 hrs.

Seasons: March-May, Sep-Nov

Trek Style: Tea House / Camping


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