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Langtang Region treeking

Trekking in Langtang Region

Holiday Mountain Treks provides exclusive information, itineraries, schedules, trekking equipments, Lodge (tea house) & full organize (tented camp) trekking in Nepal with Fully escorted to Langtnag valley-Kyanjingompa, Langtang-Ganjala pass, Langtang-Gosaingkund sacred lakes, Helambu-Kakani and Helambu-Chisapani-Nagarkot as it is one of the reputed government's licensed treks/trips organizer trekking agency in Nepal.


One of the most accessible areas for trekking is the Langtang region in the north of Kathmandu valley experiencing Tamang and Sherpa life, temperate forest and alpine pastures, glaciers, lakes and snowy peaks. It is actually less visited by tourists making a trek here somewhat more of an adventure. Just above Kathmandu is the area known as Helambu with scenic grandeur and pleasant climate, highland monastery villages and small settlements in pristine forests which is ideal for short duration treks and is especially suited to winter season trips. Here there is a series of north-south running valleys that provide a variety of possible trekking routes. At the head of these valleys is a ridge that separates Helambu from the east-west running Langtang valley. Here the high alpine scenery, with mountains visible from their base to their peak, and the sparsely inhabited nature of the country makes this an ideal destination for trekkers who are on a tight time schedule.

To the west of Langtang is a virtual wilderness area centered on the Ganesh Himal range, a collection of 6-7000 meter peaks that see very little tourist activity.

Main destinations are Langtang, Gosainkund and helambu, which can be combined in many different ways to make treks lasting from 8 days to 16 days. The main highlights of the regions are spectacular high mountain views without the complications of a flight, steep trails through deep forest with an abundance of wildlife, trekking to the foot of glaciers in the kyangjin, sherpa/tamang cultures with influences of Buddhist practice and impressive displays of vegetation and flowers.


No trekking permits are required in this area too. The northern parts of the area largely fall within the boundaries of Langtang National Park. Helambu, to the south, and Ganesh Himal, to the west, are the exceptions although to reach Ganesh Himal from Kathmandu an entry permit is required as the motor road is partly within the park. If accessing Helambu from Kathmandu a permit is also required to pass through the Shivapuri watershed area, recently declared a national park.


Access to the Langtang/helambu region can be made only by road as there are flight options. By road, the only practical road ahead at this time is Dhunche or further Sybrubensi and Sundarijal or Melamci if starting from hemalbu side. Now are all by local bus as there is no tourist bus service available. Private vehicle can be used and would reduce the traveling time considerably but obviously at extra cost.


The main ethnic group in this region is Tamang and second group is Sherpa. Their religion practices, language and dress are likely to those of Tibet. There are some other casts as well like Chhttri, Brahman in the lower part of the region.


The flora and fauna to be seen are from bamboo to lush forest and chir, pine, rhododendrons, larch and sme wildflowers like gentians, primroses, epiphytic orchids etc. The birds commonly seen here are owls, barbets, cuckoos, hoopoe, laughing thrushes, nightjars, sibias, billed etc and the wildlife langrus, pikas wild pig, mountain goats, deer etc.


There are tea house facilities throughout the langtang/helambu region. If you wish to trek to the side villages or Gangjala pass then certainly require the use of camping, necessary trekking staff and equipment.


The peak season for trekking to this region are autumn (Sep-Nov) and spring (March-May are obviously the most popular. At these times the weather is mild and generally dry, making the walking conditions good. The spring season is good for wild flowers, particularly the rhododendrons, while the autumn season generally gives the best mountain views, as the air at this time is crystal clear.

Winter is possible but the chances of snow are higher in langtang/kyanjin and gosainkund route may be closed. The summer/monsoon period is generally unsuitable for trekking period, as the trails are slippery, leeches abundant and the mountain views are unpredictable. It can be rewarding time, however, if you are prepared to tolerate these drawbacks, as the wild flowers are at their best at this time and there are fewer tourists on the trails making interaction with the locals easier and close up

Trekking Trips in Langtang Region

Langtang Valley Trek

Trekking to the third popular region, just south of the Tibetan border offers an opportunity to explore interesting Tibetan style villages, monasteries and peoples whose religious practices, language and dress are much more similar to those of Tibet than to the traditions of their cousins in the middle hills; as well as visiting glaciers at the head of the valley.

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Langtang Gosainkunda Trekking

From Kathmandu, we take an 8 hrs. drive on a hair-raising mountain road to Dhunche and further to Shyabrubensi then start of our trek. We climb through beautiful Chir and Blue pine forest before we reach at Shyabru. Langtang is just south of the Tibetan border offers an opportunity to explore interesting Tibetan style villages,

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Helambu village - Kakani Trekking

This is a short but fantastic trek into Helambu which takes you through the heart of the Sherpa & Tamang Culture, along the way. Moderate elevations and easy access from Kathmandu make this an ideal trekking. The trek begins with 5 hrs drives to Melamchi Pul. You will experience the people here in their appearance, customary hospitality, and devotion to Tibetan Buddhism and their language

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Helambu Gosainkunda Trekking

Trekking to south of the Tibetan border offering an opportunity to explore villages and monasteries, as well as visiting secret Lake of Gosainkunda and glacier passes. The trek starts with a 5 hrs drive to Melamchi Pul and finishes at Dhunche. The trek gives an excellent opportunity to exprience Helambu and Langtang visiting glacial lakes and crossing some high passes.

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Rasuwa -Tamang Heritage and Langtang Valley Trek

Tamang Heritage with Langtang Valley will offer best experience of the rich authentic culture of the Tamang people/Sherpa, magnificent views of the Mountains views and a visit of historical stupas, ancient Tibetan Monasteries and other fascinating cultural activities.

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