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Terms & Conditions

Trip cost: All costs are valid only for 2018/19

The cost of the trip always depends on the group size, area to visit, service required etc. Other factors that are beyond our control like government fees, entrance permits, taxes, airfares make the price difference. So it is difficult to give the accurate cost, however our costs are affordable in average of our trips for travelers.

Trip booking confirmation

Who is willing to book the service and reserve the place for any trip with Holiday Mountain Treks; a required deposit is a must along with trip booking confirmation.

The booking of the trip normally should be signed in the printed form but it is accepted over the Internet too. Once the trip is confirmed, the payment also can be made in advance. A trip to restricted or permitted areas and peak climbing or Expedition; 50% of the total cost should be made in three weeks before the trip starting date. The balance payment to be made upon arrival in Kathmandu by cash and any major cards.

For normal trip we do except last minute bookings if places are open for any departure. In such case all payments can be made, in Kathmandu prior to departure of the trip.

Trip Cancellation fee

By any reason of the participant if the trip is cancelled of confirmed booking the following fees are applied:

More than 40 days before departure – 15% of the total cost

30 days before departure date – 20% of total cost

10 days before departure date – 45% of total cost

Less than 7 days before departure date – 75% of total cost

Risk and responsibility

Any trips booked with Holiday Mountain Treks are in good faith, as easy and enjoyable as possible and without any complication end. However Holiday Mountain Treks cannot be held responsible for:

- A delay arrival of the clients than the trip starting date applicable for group travel.

- Accidents or illness in the mountain and without means of paid evacuation.

- Lost of any valuable items of the clients

- Changes in departure date or cancellation of the trip due to reason/circumstance beyond our control.

- An alternate route or cost arise of the trip due to flight cancellation or otherwise.

- The company will do every support in the emergency and any help client need.

- Clients should have good insurance, health and equipments as trip taken

- Client should take Medical and evacuation expenses which is covered by insurance

- Client should understand that within a group might involve compromise to accommodate the diverse desires and physical abilities of group members.

Trip cost payment

After choosing any trip of Holiday Mountain Treks, it is time for the payment. It is easy and cheap to do so. However all payments must be made in US dollars, Euro by a bank transfer or with credit cards in favor of: Holiday Mountain Treks & Expedition

Payment by cards

For the advance payment, it is also possible to pay by any major cards. There is some bank commission which is 4% extra on top of the trip cost. To arrange the payment by any major cards, please follow the following points-

1-Passport copy

2-Both side scan copy of the cards

3-Authorisation letter mentioning the amount and purpose.

Payment by Bank Transfer:

Please use any of following bank accounts as per your convenient.

A. USD Currency

Standard Chartered Bank, New York

FED ABA NO........026002561
Telex no.2789HIBA NP
1.Please remit the funds through above mentioned correspondents bank.
2.The funds are for further credit to Account No. 01900096600032
Account Name: Holiday Mountain Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd
3. Please ask your bank to advice payment to Himalayan Bank Limited, Tridevi-Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal via an authenticated SWIFT message or tested message.

B. Euro Currency

Standard Chartered Bank, Frankfurt

Swift Code: SCBLDEFX

Himalayan Bank Account No with SCBL 15139003176


1. Please remit the funds through above mentioned correspondents bank.

2. The funds are for further credit to Account No. 01900096600032

Account Name: Holiday Mountain Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd

3. Please ask your bank to advice payment to Himalayan Bank Limited, Tridevi Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu via an authenticated swift message or tested message.

Telex No. 2789 HIBA NP

Swift: HIMANPKA, Swift MT -103


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