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Tibet Trekking

There are not many choices for trekking in Tibet so we organize trekking trips to two destination only; Mt. Everest base camp and Khartha valley. Trekking in Tibet is great adventure vacation for experienced trekkers. Both treks are fully organized camping trek with some cultural sightseeing tours of major interesting places in Tibet starting either with flight or drive. However more practical way is start with flight to Lhasa.

Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek

Just adding an extra adventure while traveling or trekking in Tibet . The trek provides an unique experience of walking in remoteness landscapes viewing the Mt. Everest to the east south. Trekking with yaks into the beautiful Tibetan Himalayan plateau. The trek goes to the advance base camp of the Mt. Everest and to a wonder of Rombuk the highest monastery in the world.

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Lhasa-Kartha Valley Trek in Tibet

Trekking through high passes and amazing landscapes is extra adventure in Tibet . This trip is for all average adventurous travelers. We from Katmandu To Lhasa and spend few days. These days are useful for acclimatization for the trek too. We leave Lhasa and drive to Shegar crossing the passes, visiting the Tibetan villages, monasteries enroute.

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