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Nepal Visa Information and Fee

FOR NEPAL | Download VISA Form (You need Winzip? Download from here .)

A visa is required to enter Nepal except SAARC* and Chinese nationals. One can get a visa at the Royal Nepalese Embassy or consulate or at the airport upon arrival. Two copies passport sized photograph are required to get visa.

Visa fee:

1. The visa fees or other fees to be charged for the issuance of a visa for the entry into or presence in Nepal, for the extension of the visa or the regulation of the visa of the foreigner who has over-stayed or the issuance of the travel permit or the transference of the visa shall be prescribed in Appendix -9.

Provided, however, that the children below the age of ten years shall be exempted from visa fees.

2. The visa fees chargeable for the citizens of the countries which charge fee higher or lower than the fees prescribed under sub-rule (1) shall be based on reciprocity.

Fees to be levied while issuing tourist visa by the Mission or entry point:

a). US Dollars 25 or other convertible foreign currency equivalent thereto for 15 days multiple entry visa.

b). US Dollars 40 or other convertible foreign currency equivalent thereto for 30 days multiple entry visa.

c). US Dollars 100 or other convertible foreign currency equivalent thereto for 90 days multiple entry visa.

d.) Not withstanding anything written in clause (a) and (b), no visa fee shall be applicable to the passport holder of member states of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) for 30 days .

2. Fees to be levied for renewal or regularization of tourist visa

a). Nepalese currency equivalent to 2 US dollars per day to renew the validity of tourist visa.

b). In case where request has also been made for the facility of multiple entry, just valid for the renewal period an additional amount in Nepalese currency equivalent to U. S. Dollars 20 to the fee as referred to in Clause (a).

c). In regularizing visa of any foreigner stayed without renewal of validity of the tourist visa, Nepalese currency equivalent 3 US dollars per day shall be levied in addition to the normal amount to be paid for renewal of the validity of visa as per these Regulations.

d). Foreigners, who have already been overstayed more than 150 days without renewing the tourist visa shall be levied the fees referred in clause 2(c) and penalty amount as referred to in section 10(4) of Immigration act in addition.

e). Not withstanding anything written in clause 2(a), the period of visa fee shall be levied, for the purpose to renew tourist visa for up to15 days if the visa be of a period less than 15 days and as referred to in clause 2(a) for more than this.

Children under 10 years need not pay visa fee.

If a visitor already visited Nepal and intend to visit again within same year (within Jan-Dec) can obtain entry visa paying US$ 30 for 30 days.

* SAARC: South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (represents Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka)

** If a person stays in Nepal more than 15 days and wish to reenter same year (Jan-Dec) will get free visa. (NEW)

***Transit passenger will get free transit visa for 72 hours. (NEW)


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