Holiday Mountain Treks is devoted to bringing the best in both quality and value. The company concentrates on designing trips that introduce travelers to the amazing complexity of cultural adventure, nature, and pleasure. Properly Licensed- We are licensed under all authority Government of Nepal as Company register office, Tourism, culture and civil aviation-Tourism Industry Department office, Tax office, Banks and a life member of Trekking Agents Association of Nepal, Nepal Mountaineering Association etc.

Inclusive approaches and fair pricing:

Caring for our clients is the major reason to be growing up and up every year. Traveling with Holiday Mountain Treks you can be assured of the highest standards of service at every stage of your trip, from initial enquiry through to booking, all ground handling services up to your return home by carefully designing itineraries, upto date pre information, permits, visa, logistic and paper works, accommodation, domestic flight ticket and any other requirements while in Nepal.

Even the entire duration of the trip your daily movement is closely monitored. You are always a phone call away from the company. In short, we take care of all these things and you are free for just enjoying your vacation. Our aim is to provide clients with the best possible services at the fare and competitive prices as we understand the value of your money and holiday. So all our trip cost are very much fare.

99% Safety and success record :

Our client's safety is worth more to us than just a business so we operate the trip only to the safer region and maintain high standards of safety with the best available support even immediate rescue services and other facilities set up should they be needed All of our adventure trips to the Himalaya done properly are not risky actually. Our guides are trained in first aid and hygiene, first aid kits and oxygen are taken on higher altitude treks and expeditions. Therefore our trips are highly reliable, safety, stress free and personalized.

70% Repeat and recommended Customers :

We are grateful for the many nice references and testimonials that we've received from our previous clients. We hold a record of customer satisfaction in it’s over 12 years of experience in providing quality touring that has been well appreciated by our clients. We are dedicated in serving our clients before, during, and after they travel and, as a result, most of our clients come to us be a personal referral or on a repeat basis.

Environmentally conscious and responsible:

By following these simple guidelines we can help to reduce the impact on the environment, minimize the garbage and encourage to respect and appreciation of other cultures and traditions. When possible we take kerosene or an alternative fuel source for cooking and heating purposes. We never use wood for cooking or heating. We encourage everyone to follow conservation measures.

Experience and professional Staffs :

As we believe that all the trips are a success only if the supporting team is sincere, experience, knowledgeable and dedicated. Our guides, porters and supporting staffs are trained to make all the trips safer, successful and enjoyable respecting local traditions and the environment . We carefully chose guides and other crews based on their knowledge of regional culture and history, their proficiency in English, and their ability to cater to a sophisticated clientele.

Great value of the money:

We use our extensive network of experience, reliable trip handling experts in the most cost effective way. We have our own local associates in our service provided destinations negotiating the best price and pass on the savings to you. We strive to offer exceptionally good value but never cut corners or sacrifice quality to be cheapest. 

You are in command:

We believe in planning and organization but the not strict schedule. Some things have to be arranged but as we all know many of the best things in life involve the unexpected and holidaying is all about pleasure at leisure. We won't plan everything for you, we'll provide a framework and provide essential support but give you the freedom to explore the destination too allowing you the time and space to break away and do your own thing. You can tailor the trek/tour to your interests, spend as long as you like at sights, and develop a real rapport with your own private guide, and local people.

Flexible itineraries and trip extension:

All our itineraries flexible if needed so there is often scope on the trek to extend or lengthen the walking days. In the special case, if the trips is ended a week or more earlier, there will be given an optional for a short trip. After a successful completion of your planned itinerary; should you wish to extend your vacation for any other activities is absolutely possible. Please discuss this with your trek guide or give us a phone call and express your wishes.

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